Monday, August 22, 2011

It's Over...Or Is It???

Got some excellent news on Saturday morning (as I was coming off a week of long days/nights working)....the strike is over!  Woo! Hoo!! That was such a great text message I got from my boss :)  Then I found out the particulars...the Union would go back to work under their old contract (um, what?) for the time being, until the new one was hammered out.  Ok, so I have a few questions on this...
1.  Is there a time frame for the new contract to be completed or can the Union work indefinitely under the old contract?
2.  Are we allowing ALL of the Union members back to work, or are we penalizing the ones who were unacceptably horrible to their peers?  (you know what the answer SHOULD be).
3.  I have a feeling some of the people who were out there covering the abandoned jobs may feel a little jilted that the company is willing to take the Union back under the former this a sign that the corporation is bending?  Please let the answer be NO.

While I'm beyond estatic that my friends/co-workers are coming back to work tomorrow, I'm a little skeptical about the outcome of this 2 week nightmare.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that negotiations are addressed expeditiously and a resolution is reached soon, everyone's hard work should not be in vain.  Just sayin'.

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