Sunday, June 27, 2010

Welcome....I Think....

OK, so first blog post. Not exactly sure how this is going to turn out, but I figure I'd give it a go since the "Why Am I Yelling" part of my Oprah audition has taken on a life of it's own with my family and friends. It seems I can't go a few hours without someone asking about it. So, I entered this contest on a whim (or a suggestion from a friend who sent me the link), at the time of this writing, I have just surpassed 37,000 votes and yes, I know that there are certain people voting many, many, many (thousand) times over but truthfully it feels good to know that I have a support system out there, so THANK YOU to those who have watched the video and clicked your support, I appreciate it so much. I know exactly how the yelling concept came about...a certain friend who shall remain nameless (Vinnie) asked me why I was "still" yelling (5 minutes after yelling at our kids to stop squirting the adults with water) at the park a few weeks ago and it just stuck...and YES, I know I'm not the quietest person on the planet and sometimes when I get excited about what I'm talking about, my inflection tends to escalate so yelling is a way of life for me, I suppose. I yell when I'm happy, nervous, excited, mad, scolding a get the picture.

So, why did I enter this contest you may be wondering? Well, here's why...first off, It's been my dream to someday have my own talk show. Some of my friends and family know this, some don't. It's not something I discuss, rather a daydream/fantasy that I think about on occasion. Secondly, I have been told by some that I should have my own talk show. And finally, well, because my friend Michele sent me the link and said to me on Facebook "you HAVE to do this", and so I listened because, hey, I have just as good a shot as the other 10,000 contestants do, right??? :)

So..."Why Am I Yelling"??? well, there's a lot to yell about these days from really small stuff that happens every day in your own home to really big stuff that happens every day out there in the world. I want this blog to be interactive. I want you to submit topics and I'll respond to why I would yell about it. And while you're at it tell me why you're yelling too! This will be fun! No matter what happens with the Oprah contest, my intention is to maintain this blog so we can all have a voice. And speaking of the contest....1 more week left to vote and then I guess we'll know who made the first round of cuts. It's exciting!!!

OK, so there you go....check back to find out why I'm yelling or let me know why I should yell....Thanks for reading!!