Thursday, October 3, 2013

Shut Down - Shut Up! Enough Already!

Holy crap!  I'm amazed by the stupidity of our government.  The pure childishness that is happening is appalling and disgusting.  Every single day words like "work it out", "do the right thing", and "be considerate of others" (just to quote a few) come out of my mouth to my children. We strive to do all of these things and yet the people who are supposed to be doing it for us aren't.  We expect our government to keep us safe via our military, provide services for us like Medicare and Social Security and sign bills into law that will HELP the population as a whole, not shut it down because they can't play nice in the sandbox.  Now I get that there will be some opposition to the Affordable Healthcare Act, not everyone is going to be happy all of the time but as a friend of mine said, majority rules, right? The mere thought of grown adults throwing logic out the window and blatantly refusing to work together is exactly what NOT to do.  Listen up...the majority of the people in this country are all trying to make a living, raise families and do the right thing day in and day out. A lot of them do it one day at a time, not always knowing how they're going to make it until the next paycheck, but somehow they do. What's fundamentally wrong with this situation is that there are people in Congress who actually voiced their opposition solely based on the idea that no matter what bill the President signed into law they would oppose him.  It doesn't matter if it was "the most perfect, everyone is going to be happy bill", he would still get opposition because he is who he is.  To me that's complete racism, totally wrong and against the core value system of this country.

I'm ashamed of the people who represent this country, each and every one of you should be fired. There should be term limits imposed on your jobs and your salaries are way too high for the lack of work and production you have to show for it. You're screwing with people's lives and it seems as if you just don't care. Disgusting. You're hurting others BY CHOICE. Horrible. I don't care if some of you are claiming to be giving your salaries to charity or are requesting to not get paid while this shut down is happening, that doesn't make me feel better.  You should each be fined 1 year's salary for every day this shut down continues.

Get back to work, play nice in the sandbox, and try your hardest to win back the respect of the people you represent, oh, and be ready for the next election season because I truly hope 100% of you are replaced.  No one is indispensable.