Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Day....

I have a lot of thoughts about Valentine's Day....some are hearts and flowery, because let's face it, I'm a girl and I love the hearts and flowers idea, except I love it every day, not just on 1 specified day a year.  Some  thoughts are a bit jaded mostly because this day has become another day to buy things and I think the true meaning is lost there.  In researching the meaning of Valentine's Day (what did we ever do before Wikipedia?), this day was a day that was recognized by the church until fairly recently, 1969 to be exact.  I wonder how many of you remember that it was called Saint Valentine's Day?  (that's the catholic school education showing up here).

So, back to my reasons for loving it:  yes, I get the requisite flowers and candy and now that I have a child, hand made cards with glitter and hearts with adorable adolescent handwriting declaring his love for me and that's the best stuff.  My parents send small gifts to all of us and it's always fun to watch Wyatt open the box of goodies, that puts a smile on my face.  We make cards for Wyatt's school mates and friends, painstakingly making sure each one has the correct spelling and attention to detail on the candy bag, because let's face it, all the kids want is the candy!  Those are the things I love.

Here's what I don't love....the expectation sorrounding the day...the "what do you get for Valentine's Day?" questions....I don't love the idea that there's only 1 day devoted to celebrating the person/people you love.  And if you respond, "flowers and candy", you get a look like that's not enough.  I told someone I don't "do" Valentine's Day (as he held a jewelry bag in his hand) and it turned into a big discussion that ultimately was a waste of time. Celebrating your love for someone should be an every day thing...I would actually forgo the hearts and flowers for a daily dose of love and appreciation and garbage taking out.  I don't need jewelry, in fact, it's a bit ridiculous that this day has turned into a big jewelry day.  For me, jewelry should be given as a reason to celebrate a milestone....a significant birthday, an anniversary, or the birth of a child, not Feb 14. (Unless of course one of your significant days mentioned earlier happens to fall on Valentine's Day).  Oh, and by the way, who cares what I get for Valentine's Day???  That's why I don't love it...loving people has turned into a competition that I have zero interest in competing in. 

So now I'm interested to know how you view Valentine's Day?  There is no right or wrong answer just a fun little poll for my post next year :) Please take the poll to the left of this post, I'm looking forward to the responses.

For now, I'm off to do some Valentine's day shopping of my own and I truly wish each of you a Very Happy Valentine's Day...make sure the people you love know it :)  xoxo