Friday, December 31, 2010


So another year has passed us by...2010...Wow, what a year! This year brought a lot of "unexpecteds" to my life. I tried out for a talk show (we all know how that turned out), got to travel (a lot) with friends and family internationally, and I volunteered to organize my 20 year high school reunion. It was fun, exciting, fulfilling and at times trying. Overall, I had a great year.

It was also a year of reflection. I became passionate about a little baby who I had never met and his fight for life to the point that I am determined to help his family in any way I can try to find a cure for pediatric cancer. He lost his fight but his parents have only begun theirs. I was also shocked into reality when a family friend was suddenly taken from us in an accident only a mere 4 weeks ago. My heart aches for his family and friends as they are still reeling from this. These events are life changing for so many including me.

Last year my good friend sent an email to the girls (that being my most amazing group of girlfriends I chat with and see on a daily basis) on New Year's Day with her list of resolutions and she challenged us reply with ours. It took me 2 days to find the email trail but I found it and I have to say out of my list of 11 things, some (not all) were accomplished. And the same goes for my girls too...YAY!! This year, as I was thinking of something to write I thought it might be good to resolve to do things differently. Yes, we all make the same resolutions every year...lose weight, get in shape, stop whatever vice ailes us....and typically we don't accomplish completing them. So might I suggest a new way to have a New Year's resolution? How about we resolve to step into the subway car a little further so more people can get on during rush hours? How about we resolve to be kinder to others? How about we resolve to be more charitable? How about we resolve to be happy with what we have and not lose sight of the work it took to get to this point? All of these things are my resolutions for 2011 and beyond (along with the workout more, blah, blah, blah!!). I am a very blessed person and I know this. I am blessed with family and friends, with health, with love and I hope you all are too.

As I type this entry, Jay Z and Alicia Keys are singing about New York...fitting for today. Happy Happy Happy New Year from the greatest city on earth...may all of you have a wonderful 2011...I look forward to sharing it with you.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Holidays....

Ok, so we are officially missing the blizzard of 2010 back in NYC....we're currently in not so sunny (or warm for that matter) Florida visiting my family for the holidays. Ah, the I love them...and loathe them all at the same time. It's a fine line really. Here's what I love, in no particular order: anticipation, excitement, twinkling lights, merriment, parties, gifts, planning, decorating, preparing, shopping, NYC, family, friends, surprises, creating memories, tradition. I know there are more things that I love about it, but you get the gist. Here's what I loathe: not enough time to get it done. I live by the rule that the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are for doing all the things that require a successful Christmas day. So we decorate the house, shop, cook, wrap, and plan all in that very small window of time. OH, and work full time and maintain a regular life all while doing this extra stuff and unfortunately, every year something falls by the wayside. I wish I had some extra time this year to bake. I used to bake for weeks prior to Christmas. I would make all kinds of cookies and give them as gifts...that has almost completely stopped in more recent years. I'm too busy with other obligations and then I'm too tired to sgtart baking at 10pm. BUT, if that's the only thing that I'm slacking on then I don't think it's too bad.

We also typically travel during the holidays, this year we left on Christmas night, and I'm happy to report that it wasn't too bad since there was an impending blizzard in NYC and severe weather all along the eastern seaboard. We only had a 2 hour delay this year. Unfortunately, upon arriving in Jacksonville on Christmas night or well, the day after Christmas morning (12am), the rental car place was closed and we had to deal with a little additional delay at the airport. Rest assured, Enterprise Rent A Car will NOT be getting our business EVER again, since there were real live rental agents at the airport when we landed....according to the very nice guy, Chris, at Alamo (where we ultimately ended up getting a car from), the Enterprise guys could have totally helped us and they were being lazy...thanks dudes, Merry Christmas. But hey, Chris hooked us up with a nicer car and a cheaper rate, so there! Now I have to write my bad customer service letter to Enterprise, I hate having to do that.

I also have to give props to my kiddo, who is the master traveler...he is so good at getting through airports, and behaving on planes that he makes going places enjoyable. I love traveling with him! He can even sleep the whole plane ride, be woken up, help with the bags at the airport and go right back to sleep in the car without so much as a complaint, he's the best!

So now that we're here, we're looking forward to warmer weather (hopefully), spending time with my most awesome niece and nephew, friends, and family and returning to the great white north on New Year's Eve in time to hang out with friends and ring in 2011....WOW! I hope you all had a very Happy Holiday and I'm gonna contemplate my resolutions for my next post....Merry Merry everyone!!