Friday, May 9, 2014

For Mom's...

Mom – such a small word for such a big job.

On Sunday we celebrate mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friend moms, stepmoms, guardian moms, foster moms, honorary moms, expectant moms and all the moms in between. We wouldn’t be here without our Moms (literally and figuratively). Cheerleaders, warriors, boo-boo fixers, schedule keepers, meal makers, carpool drivers, playdate hosts, and secret confiders…just a few of the many hats we wear. Being a mother is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I look at my boys and I’m so grateful for them, even when they’re driving me crazy and I’m watching the clock until bed time (don’t judge, you all do it too!). I tuck them in every night, kiss them and tell them I love them and that I’m so thankful to be their mom.

This Mother’s Day I’m thinking of the Moms who don’t get to kiss their children goodnight. The ones who are helplessly waiting for word about their kidnapped daughters whereabouts in Nigeria. I’m thinking of the mothers who are sitting vigil by their childrens bedsides praying for a miracle that they get well so they can hold them in their arms instead of through a hospital bed. And I’m thinking of the ones who’ve had to say goodbye too soon. I’m praying for change, for peace, for no more suffering.

Mother’s Day is about appreciating what we have in common as mothers. It’s about the miracle of our children and the joy they bring to our lives. Motherhood is not a perfect job, sometimes it’s a thankless one but most of the time it’s the most rewarding one you’ll ever have. This day is about thanking our own mothers for doing the best they could, the same way we are. So thank you Mom. Thank you for being my biggest fan, for always being supportive even when you didn’t agree, for teaching me compassion and kindness, for encouraging independence and for loving me unconditionally.

Happy Mother’s Day.