Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

I have a feeling this will be the title of a lot of my's relevant to so many things, in this case...back to school.  Today is the first day of school in New York City, and I officially have a First Grader!  It's funny how everyone tells you how time flies.  Hoq before you know it they're in school, going to college, moving out.  What no one prepares you for is the shock to your system as the milestone day hits.  I was just watching my boy, who is currently sleeping soundly, and marveling at the thought that he is old enough to be in first grade.  When did that happen?  When did he learn how to talk? walk? voice his opinion? Those days seem like yesterday, not years ago! 

I want him to love school.  To learn and to grow and to be smart. I want him to have friends that he will keep for a lifetime.  I want him to experience the joy that comes with exploring the world beyond our city, (which in itself is one big exploration project).  I want him to have what every parent I know wants for their be safe, to be healthy and to have everything they dream of. 

Having an almost 6 year old boy can certainly try your patience.  Mine is inquisitive, challenging, bright, adorable, stubborn (boy, is he stubborn!), independent ("you can just leave me here and come back and get me Mom, it's ok"), loyal and an excellent button pusher!  For all the qualities that can drive me crazy, he is one of the sweetest, loving, caring boys I know.  He melts my heart on a daily basis and I am hard pressed to put into words how very proud I am of him.  And I'm so thankful he chose me to be his Mom. 

Happy 1st Day of 1st Grade!!

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