Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Days

We got 19 inches of snow last night....which prompted a snow day for the NYC public school system, this is not a frequent occurance around here, the schools have only been closed 7 times since 1978, so I guess 19 inches of snow qualifies for a closing. So, this was my first official snow day since I was a kid myself...and man, snow days are challenging! I have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere I can get an internet connection, so it's not uncommon for me to be at my kitchen table every so often working, however, on those days, I'm typically alone and can power through and get my stuff done. I do have to say that I am a fan of going to the office, I need adult interaction, socialization and all that stuff....working from home is NOT a good thing for me. So you can imagine when I turned on the TV this morning to NY1 (our local NYC channel) to see the red banner scrolling across the screen "NO SCHOOL"...Wyatt was estatic and I was shocked! We only live 2 blocks away, surely we can walk to school! So...we had a snow day. Or more accurately, we had a 5 year old bouncing off the wall day. Being the mean mom that I am,when I heard a bunch of our neighbors downstairs shovelling snow, I suited up my own kid and sent him out to help, which he did for 1 hour. Surely, I thought that would exhaust So then I allowed some time in front of the TV playing the Wii, still not tired. Then, we trudged through the snow to a friends house for a playdate, the kids ran around like little crazy people for an hour or so and then we trudged back home...STILL not tired...after more shovelling and more Wii playing and dinner making and homework doing he finally, finally decided it was time for bed, a mere 5 minutes earlier than usual. Where oh where does he get the energy??? I'm exhausted!!! Snow days are not my cup of tea! I have already checked the school website for tomorrow and I'm happy to report NYC public schools will be open for learning and I will be going to my office for some social interaction that does not involve video games and whining...well...maybe some whining. Happy snow everyone!!

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