Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Did you see the video that went viral of the woman who chronicled her first 100 days at the gym?  It was a great short that took courage and honesty and I loved it!  It’s so inspiring to see someone with a big goal making strides toward life changing events. 
Which brings me to this post. 

First of all it’s making me get off my butt and start this blog up again, which I have missed greatly and look forward to keeping up with.  I have been starting, stopping and ignoring it over the last many months and I miss it. 

So...the title 100 represents the countdown of the number of days I have left until I’m officially without a job.  WHAT??  Hey, that’s corporate America for you, in the end you’re just a number and I’m OK with that. Companies reorganize all the time, I witness that first hand multiple times a year and it’s never easy.  But at least in my case there was a plan that was laid out and a timeline being followed.  I’ve had a good run, I’ve been paid well, I have medical benefits and retirement funds and too many vacation days to take in a year.  I have met some of the best people where I work, and I’m privileged to call them friends.  There have been good days and bad days (as I’m sure you can all relate) but to be honest the good has outweighed the bad.

Today is the day I’m going to start to explore the question “what do I want to be when I grow up?” My answer to that is “I HAVE NO IDEA!!”  So I’m looking for help…help with getting back in the saddle after a very long run in my current company.  Suggestions on where to start, how to get organized, what tools to use for research, (just to start somewhere), would be great. I have visions of lists upon lists and the thought is frightening me! I have so many questions; I mean…I haven’t been on an interview in more than 15 years!  I realize I’m an unusual case as most people have changed jobs throughout their careers, yet I’ve moved around within my organization not outside of it.  

I’m calling today “Ready, Set, Go!”….let the brainstorming begin! 

(of course this all has to be done on my own personal time as I’m technically still an employee with a full time day job and a million other things going on too!)

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