Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just Plain Sad

So let me just start off this post with letting you all know that I have had the privilege of experiencing Nittany Lion Pride.  One of my best friends (to this day) attended Penn State University, and I also dated someone who went there at the same time, so I can say that I have spent a fair amount of time in Happy Valley, and I can tell you, there's nothing like it.  I will always be grateful for the time I got to spend there, lots of great memories for me.

That being said, the stories that have surfaced over the last week are disturbing, maddening and truly sad.  Sad for the entire PSU community, sad for the fans, sad for the people involved and especially sad for the victims.  However, this is NOT about football.  This is about doing the right thing, telling the truth no matter how hard it is, stepping up and possibly sacrificing everything but knowing it's the absolute right thing to do.  Because folks, here it is:  NO CHILD/MINOR SHOULD EVER BE EXPOSED TO SEXUAL ABUSE. PERIOD.  THAT is what this is about.  As the stories unfold over the next days, weeks, months, even years, I'm sure we will never come to know the full truth and I know we will all draw conclusions.  It's unfortunate that these incidents happened and it's unfortunate that most of the people involved did not do anything extreme to stop it when it was happening. 

For now, put the sports to the side and focus on the piece of this story that truly matters....the boys.  Joe Paterno will always be one of the most revered men that coached the game regardless of the outcome of this debacle, and PSU will always be one of the best places to play football....but what will happen to the victims?  What happens to the boys who had to endure the abuse?  As a parent, it's not hard to hypothetically put yourself in this situation...ask yourself, what would I do?  I would want to kill someone, and I wouldn't care who he is.  In a situation like this, no amount of wins, titles, or fans matter.  This is purely about doing the right thing.... 

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  1. It it unfathomable to consider what the families are going through and what they have been through. It makes my heart hurt.