Friday, July 9, 2010

Still Nothing to Yell About....

So, here we are...the voting stopped a week ago, I ended up with 51,054 votes...THANKS everyone!! And now we wait...and wait...and 5 finalists are supposed to be announced this week and it's Friday....40 people in all will have a chance at the first round of interviews, over 10,000 people entered the contest....phew, that's a lot of people, but in my head I think I was expecting more. Of course, I have no idea how many people went out to the casting calls so all of this is hypothetical. My chances are still better than winning the lottery (I think).

So, today, (and all this past week) I've not been yelling, but waiting....c'mon Oprah...CALL!!!!

Oh, and here's the link to my audition video, because you haven't seen it enough already!! LOL

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